Thursday, October 1, 2009

Garden Report III-C'est Fini

Earlier in the summer I gave you Garden Reports I and II clearly showing the vegetable production success that we were having this year. Well, it is officially the first day of October and the last of the tomatoes are still coming off red, while the green and yellow peppers are still on the vine giving us weekly pickings. All of the outdoor side garden herbs except for the green Basil are doing well and will be picked before the first freeze at which time they will be dried and stored to season winter meals. Purple Basil and Cuban Oregano are my favorites. There are several reasons why this year's garden has done so well. First off I moved the main garden from where it had been for the past 7 years from the way out back closer to the house in newly turned by my hands soil. The new spot had much better sun plus it is under a large fluorescent light mounted on the top of a telephone pole at the end of the 'drive' way. In theory the plants were getting light 24hrs a day. The sun providing them with source energy and at night when the lamp kicked on with the setting sun they received some low band energy that they did not see in the day. I have never grown tomato plants like the ones we had this year. In July and August they were well taller than me, almost hand over head tall. I know that is not saying much considering that I am a towering 5'6". Another reason for such verde productivity was the rain. Over all a good average fell which was supplemented by rain storage in four 35 gallon containers around the roof drainage. Now that the garden is over for the year I will miss the reds the most.

Toonmorrow I will not be working but instead I am headed to the Mountains with Ms. Arcen and at least one dog. We will be leaving early for Upper then Lower Creek Falls trail off of 181 for a day of it. There will be no post in the am but I will surely update with pictures and words at some point in the future. Until then have a look at the end of this year's garden.

Red holding on.
Red and the dryness of dead.
Still Green the day before October. Breaded and fried with oregano goes well with rice.
Curious Inspection
Grape Cherries in a cluster about to be picked for a side on Ms. Arcen's diner, that's right DINER.
A closer look.
Yellow Peppers in Number II side Garden.
Green Peppers in umber II side Garden.
A closer look. Had one of these uncooked last night on the pizza, very crisp and full of life energy just off the vine.
Lamb's Ear on the left never gets eaten but the Greek Oregano on the right is amazing.
Purple Basil
Lemon Mint
Live happily side by side.

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