Friday, October 9, 2009

Send in the Clowns

Isn't it Rich?
Fatal Attraction back ground music for Toonday's post!!

Yestoonday over on Rich's blog the third comment written by Anon was:

"I'm not one to get all skweemish over odd photos or the thought of clowns, but that picture of your friend the Big Worm with Larry Bird's clone standing behind him...just freaks my sh#t out. Regarding Ergon's packaging, I really think they should package their new cork grips within a Traditional Russian Nesting Doll."

I can't stand it, it wasn't supposed to come out this way but the synchro is too much to ignore. This past Saturday I was out on assignment at an Uptoon Festival with real authenticity(more on that to follow) when I got side tracked away from my subject and started taking pictures of this clown. At that time I was not sure why but I do know now. Anon, I hope you make it over here and see the transfer.

Oh yeah and for the record sweemish is spelled squeamish. Not only that but Larry Bird's clone is an ole 2/4 Infantry Marine friend of mine who is a Card Carrying Union Clown . He often does charity work for the YMCA.

1 comment:

cornfed said...

did you change to blue to match the clown? I like it. Not the clown, he's creepy, but the blue. It's calming. Coming over to Billy's is a calming effect now.

Glad you didn't die from the Shimano assassination attempt.