Thursday, October 22, 2009

No time for words

I must be doing a sub par job of negotiating my priorities because I have nothing for you this morning except for the following little photo essay. All of these pictures were taken by me within a few days of each other earlier this month. The other common denominator about them is that they were all made within the beltway, the Jar/Uptoon proper.

At the Gandhi Statue official unveiling ceremony which I was invited to attend I saw this future mogul in training hanging out on the steps of the old Mecklenburg County Courthouse. The columns were killing me so I asked him if I could take his picture. Without missing a beat and in soft English with a light Indian accent he smiled and replied, "Give me a dollar."
So, I gave him a dollar even though it is not my normal practice to pay the subject of my photography.
His smile was as authentic as the eyes stitched to his shirt.
Clockwise from 12: The Hearst Tower, The BOLA(Bank of Literally America) Corp Center and the new Manhattan big Ritz Hotel/BOLA Offices and more BOLA Conference Space.

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