Friday, October 16, 2009

Fuzzy Friday Fosters

If you can't stand the cute, get out of the kitchen. Seems as if it has been awhile since I have been able to introduce any new foster animals to you. We have been taking care of this momma and her youngens now for just over three weeks and the time has flown by. When the babies first arrived they were very tiny with eyes barely open. As you can see by the pictures below they are all developing quite well. On the morrow these 4 will go back to the Humane Society of Charlotte and receive their second round of vaccinations. I am pretty sure that they will go out again for 14 more days of foster care and then they will be ready to adopt. If you or any responsible humans that you know are in need of a domestic cat please have them contact the Humane Society and take one or all of these furry friends home. The abandoned animals in our area do not need much but they do need help from you! From left to right: Yo-Yo, Pimpkin and Echo
Autumn, the proud and protective Momma.
Poor little Yo-Yo with her sad eyes.
The painted face of Echo.


Tanya and Michael Storm said...

Oh my goodness, they are SOOO precious!! I wish I could steal them all and love them to pieces!

Tanya and Michael Storm said...

Oh, those sweet babies! I wish I could steal them all and love them to bits!

Billy Fehr said...

You can Tanya,
Yes you can...