Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tree Shaker Defining Moment

After more than an hour of running back and forth heckling those Tree Shaking racers fortunate enough to be heckled by me I headed over to the Team Hoffen/Cane Creek pit area to observe the professionals in action. Near and under the Cane Creek pop up tent the Hibachi was roaring, the brownies were in the tin and some fine folks were sitting back in their kits telling stories while enjoying a malt beverage in the shade. All of a sudden the Team Director Eric's better half Kelly gave him the nod to step outside of the tent. She had just received a text from Brandon Caskey the Hoffen SS rider from Tahoe who was out on course in 3rd position with Avant and Hagerty ahead of him. At a race pace he was able to text the following message: 20 MINS FROM TRANSITION, I NEED JOHNSON's BABY ASPIRIN ASAP, I CAN DO THIS THING BUT I NEED SOMETHING TO COUNTER THE AFFECT OF BEING AT SUCH A LOW ALTITUDE. BABY ASPIRIN, IN THAT BIG WHITE BOTTLE, THANKS. PS: BABY ASPIRIN IS GOOD STUFF, ITS BASE WORD IS ASPIRE.

Lets see what happens next.

Kelly gets the text and reads it to the Team Director.
As his forehead crumples Eric asks Kelly, "Does he not know the connection between baby aspirin and Reye's Syndrome?" Eric then asks Kelly through his gritting teeth to go to the nearest Wal-Mart which is only 1.2miles away and purchase the largest bottle of Baby Aspirin she can find.
Caskey arrives looking for the Baby Aspirin. Eric looks at his watch and calms his lead rider by letting him know Kelly is on the way with a large bottle of the remedy. "She'll be here in less than 3 minutes", Eric tells Caskey.
Caskey gives a wave to the crowd which makes the minutes in transition seem to fly by.
Finally after like 2 minutes and 15 seconds the aspirin arrived and Caskey commences to down a handful hoping that the voo-doo will work the magic.
Caskey asks for a second handful
and just as he takes his second dose none other than Single Speed rider Ross Dowswell comes in for the pass. Sneaky little fellow isn't he?
The Alarm Bells went off, all hands man your battle stations, set Zebra throughout the ship for God sake Caskey's present 3rd place position is pulling away on the back of Dowswell who is not slowing down. Get on your HORSE and Go Brandon, Go!!!
The aspirin had no time to kick in.
As hard as he tried Brandon must not have caught Ross who moved up to second place when second(Avant) at that time fell through the floor. The top three in the 12hr Single Speed lack of class were: 1-Eric Hagerty 2-Ross Dowswell 3-Brandon Caskey
*Editorial correction from Yesterday's post. I accidentally typed local Single Speed rider Ross Dowswell's last name Goswell, like Goes well. I openly apologize to Ross as well as his friends and family for making such a mistake. Good job on your 2nd Place SS finish at the Tree Shaker Ross Dowswell.


dwight yoakam said...

aspire, that all i can hope to do.

even baby aspirin wasn't enough for those boys . . . right fast they were.

wish we could have had a chance to chat.

Billy Fehr said...

Hope you laughed and yes they were right fast, at least they appeared to be from the sidelines!