Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sweet Shooting

I am truly starting to enjoy the photographic perspective from the roof of the UN Montero. On the way up to the mountains Friday we drove past this sign on 181 just before the dirt mounds at FR196. This State DOT sign was put in place in an effort to remind motorists to share the road with those on bikes who are riding up the long climb of 181 which tops out at the park way miles above. I have ridden this climb on both my road and mountain bikes before and will again one day in the future. After seeing this sign I got the warm fuzzies all over realizing that it could also be interpreted by the elusive North American Redneck as a reminder that folks on bikes are actually good targets. I mean look at the accuracy of the trigger man above. My question is, was the witty fellow who shot the sign leaning out of the passenger window of his friend's F150 while they were going up the road ? 12 gauge shot gun, right? Perhaps double barrel with number 6 bird shot. Or maybe the shooter pulled over and stood 10meters away when he pulled the trigger. The angle of the impact from the roof of the Montero made it appear that the shooter was higher off the ground. Maybe he was in the back of a pick up truck with the gun over the roof of the cab for something to lean on. To shoot the sign, an impulsive decision or premeditated idea formed into actualization by a group of bike hating rebels? Day time or night time shooting? Either way I bet ego is at the core of this action. Hurt ego and jealousy manifested into shots fired by an individual who prolly has never climbed 181 or looked deep inside of themselves while spending hours on a bike. Share the road and share the bullets!

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