Sunday, October 18, 2009


This header image document is recording the above picture that I shot of Chestnut Mountain in the Wilson Creek Recreation area on Friday October 2, 2009 off of HWY181 sitting on the roof of the UN Montero. You are looking at Chestnut from the South West. I mountain biked to the top of Chestnut with Dude a long time ago before the B Log via the mounds and 181 to Greentown. It was a chilly gray ride that brought wind and freezing ice pellets from the sky that collected in our helmet vents. At the top of Chestnut was a small bald where we snacked and hydrated, the rest of the summit was tree covered. We found a fresh pile of pellet like deer scat and an abandoned roofed shack before we rode down Chestnut's back side to Raiders and then continued the business of getting back to the cold car.

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Jesse said...

need more fall rides under the belt, just getting started