Friday, June 18, 2010

Ingenious Genius-It's ON

photo donated by the Jordy Moore Philanthropic Social Engineering All Knowing Power Tap Think Tank. Jordy had his cram(drunk for camera), I did not.
Shortly after Rich rolled out of the Cool and Cool over my morning coffee and obligatory daily game of dueling lap top Battleship with Yurgen yesterday, a cycling couple rode in. I noticed the practicle application of recycled material in the form of a box for bike rack program initiated by the male half of the couple. This guru of all things half ass'ed gave us a few hints as to the design philosophy of such an engineering marvel. First off drinking beer is the easy part, especially when it is Miller 'High' Life. After the liquid part was consumed and the bottles were sent to be recycled this thinker realized that he needed a place to keep his change. A few holes must be applied to the box after wrapping it in heavy packing tape for durability and weather proofing. Then Bungee her down on both ends and you have a box on your rack that any homeless bum in the QC would be proud to roll with because that is how they roll.

I asked the creator of this fine display of American thought process if he and his cute female partner were coming out to the New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Race this weekend to get some. She giggled while twirling her hair with a long finger and answered for him that she was not ready to 'race' and that she needed some more experience in the saddle. The man spoke up saying that even though he was not racing he was planning on drinking a 12'er of the Fat Tire and then making a rack box out of the empty cardboard. "This time I am gonna shellac the box and line it with felt, that way my change won't rattle and make noise", he said with a huge smile.

Anyways, I will be out at that event this weekend with my partner Team Dicky who came up with this idea not long ago. It will be an honor to ride the wing of someone who has so much influence in the cycling industry. I think the last time that we partnered up was a criterium for beer over ten years ago that we lost to some power houses. We have both individually put away many Charlotte miles since then so watch out suckas, it's on!


Doug said...

will be looking for you on Sunday Billy - the psuedo NSA / CIA person and I are teaming up for the race!

Billy Fehr said...

Look forward to seeing y'all!