Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Belgium Urban Assault Pre-Race Report

Self Portrait of my newly acquired Game Face.
Billy Fehr's Top 10 Reasons for 'Racing' at the New Belgium Urban Assault in Charlotte NC tomorrow:

1. I have just molded the coolest facial hair transfer that I have ever seen on my mug.
2. I Would like to finish a race that I do NOT get chicked at which seems to happen to me as often as I participate. Wait, there was that one time in the year of The Cool that I came in 3rd with only Dude and Jason The Red ahead of me on a non-sanctioned Alley Cat.
3. My partner and I agree that we will die trying to stay ahead of any present, former or ex Charlotte Messenger. There are high shame stakes in this one.
4. New Belgium brews good tasty Beer.
5. Belgium is near St. Wendel and In St. Wendel es tut sich was!
6. Did I mention the facial hair?
7. It is gonna be hot just like it has been for the past few weeks!
8. I am riding with the 2006 24Hour Solo SS MTB World Champion who asked me to do this!
9. I want to make Jake Kirkpatrick proud...
10. This is my town bitches.

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