Monday, June 21, 2010

New Belgium Urban Assault Post-Race Report


The face of 19th place:
All HAIL winners KEVIN AND JOSH of yesterday's NB UAR in Charlotte. Now I would like to take a minute to revisit my Top Ten reasons for 'Racing' in The New Belgium Urban Assault Race:

1. The facial hair was a big hit, I received 3 total compliments from two guys and one girl. WIN
2. I got chicked several times over. FAIL
3. I said die, not find out information before hand or stage my mom in the audience to bell me when the goods got out. I got beat by one present messenger and several former ones, good work gentlemen. Shame on me! FAIL
4. Belgium Beer quality is top grade and the DIVAS RULE! WIN
5. Memories of Trans Germany made me realize I have fun on my bike a lot! WIN
6. The funny looking mustache may have gotten me an unofficial 2nd place in the Mustache Contest. WIN
7. The heat was hot but I did not seem to notice. WIN
8. My partner always comes up with good ideas and other than the near White Rabbit incident reoccurring it was a brilliant experience following him around the Jar. WIN
9. Jake, I wore the jersey that you gave me for the first time out in public. I hope a top 20 finish is good representation. WIN
10. My town is where I have worked since July 3, 1998 lack some travel time and a 5 month sabbatical. I guess I am the bitch. FAIL

Looks like a 7 to 3 WIN victory over FAIL.


Justin said...

I must concur, the "beardstache" was an epic highlight of this years NBUAR. Good work sir.

Doug said...

beardstache... or musteard?? great seeing you Billy - a fun day indeed!

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Holy moley, dig the steampunk self portrait. Huzzah!


Unibiker said...

Love It!
There is nothing better than a bike race with old friends. It makes up for any ride time together lost. The MC said he would give a clue to the last check point when all of the bikers were gone. Then he said we could use any and all resources needed to get to CP#7
I heard him say "Even Call A Friend or Loved One"
The clue was when they find CP#6 Someone there would be rocking a shirt with the image of a "Mosaic Bird" <----The Disco Chicken
Hada blast, I hope you do too