Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Roll Camera


2010 New Belgium Urban Assault Race / Charlotte from Rich Dillen on Vimeo.

Before and during the NB UAR on Sunday that Kevin and Josh clearly won, I was wearing Sir Richard's GoPro HD Cramera(beer speak for camera) on the Chesty Puller Harness. I am not very proud of the fact that I missed a lot of the back half of the course but I do have an excuse. This was my first experience using the GP and I FAILED, again. Rich did a great job editing the C(for Crap) roll that I gave him.

Anyways, in this film you will see Who's this Joey smiling like a white adult version of Rolo, the VANQUISHERS Kevin and Josh, a coed team of Mustache riders, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, various other smiling faces and of course my little buddy leading the charge.

The other thing you will see is me going down the water slide at Ray's doing my best impression of Fat Bastard. I know that the angle is super wide that is bent on my close up face which foreshortens the top of my head and times three widens my chin but man is that an ugly mug that seems to be swimming in ten pounds of extra flesh. Thank goodness y'all get a laugh at my expense.

If I ever get the GoPro again I promise I will try to be more aware of its functioning capacity.

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spokejunky said...

Great video. I've got to get in on this. What no footage of the mustache breaking out the worm or pop and lock? THAT is some must see TV.