Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OuT oF CON-Troll

Con-involving abuse of confidence. Troll-(in Scandinavian folklore) any of a race of supernatural beings, sometimes conceived as giants and sometimes as dwarfs, inhabiting caves or subterranean dwellings.

The other day I was clicking over to Brado's Blog when I came across this recent satellite image of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The sun appears white hot in its reflection on the surface.
Here is an image from the Net taken approximately 65 days earlier, the cause and effect apparent of an ideology out of control which in turn created a major ecological cry sis.
I learned that these are not photographs, they are images of collected data. When I studied the satellite image I began to notice small but very cosmic details that coincide with actual feelings that I have been having on the ground here in Charlotte, especially over the past few weeks. If you look closely you will see that it appears that 1/3rd of the Gulf's surface in the center is covered with the gray matter of oil particulate. I wondered if what I was looking at had been altered to enhance the implications so I searched other sources and only found a constant repetition of this truthful oil coated rendition.

As I stared at the drip-like slick I realized and felt at the same time that the water's surface had been transformed from its natural translucent state to a reflective one. The 'clean' waters to the south, east, west and a few small patches north seem to be holding on to their original translucent quality. But, the light shiny gray area being made up of over 100 million gallons of black gold(2.69$ a gallon) in the center was reflecting sun light. What happens to the atmosphere when the natural clean evaporation is taken away and it is replaced with photons bouncing back upwards off of the aqua mirror created by lack of control from the minute I go to put a few bucks worth of what I have to buy into a tank because I cannot create it to get around?

HEAT-Lack of rain clouds coming up from the gulf that normally provide me, my family and friends with water and balance to the pastoral system surrounding us may be another result. Within the context of more sun beams bouncing around our summer atmosphere becomes more heated exacerbating the dryness and continues in an on going self feeding circle. Most of our good rain comes from the clouds generated in the Gulf of Mexico. Under these conditions that are expanding dramatically and constantly even while I type, the AQI continues to maintain poisonous levels that keep us in orange spiking to red. No one has to tell me about it because as I ride around and move my physical and emotional body through it, I can feel it, hear it and try to understand it.

My garden is dying in a manner that I have never witnessed. Without a place to hide the tall plants appear almost blasted with radiation.

I have a pessimistic feeling that our entire region is about to experience a summer that we have never seen. Today we will experience the 18th day of plus 90F that we have had here in Charlotte this June. That is apparently some sort of record, in this Victory Society that may be received as good news or a win. However, I caution that as with every victory comes a very real and sometimes three times more powerful consequence. The entire energy crisis right down to the core of what is, has never been more apparent to me than it is within our culture right now. All we have to do is move that first down marker ahead a few more inches, the chain tightens and without control I am on the ride that is going for it.

This opinion is mine, my thoughts clear based on my interpretations of what is really going on all around me. I feel like I am standing right next to it because when I look directly at it, it is there for me to see.


KingJimmy said...

Great thoughts Bill. I hadn't thought the dryness could be due to the lack of clouds produced from the waters in the gulf being covered with oil.


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