Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Pictures from Around Town

This Russian Family agreed to pose for me in front of the fountain on the Square. I was amazed at how happy they seemed to assemble into this tight family formation. Notice the young lad in the front right, he must be Dicky's biggest fan in the Russian Federation.
Perpetual Construction in the form of throw away bail out eases the minds of investors in the South End is near.
Born to be wild'ish.
Innocence in the form of light.
Jazz, three piece style fills the air in front of the Corporate Center.
Serious delivery rolling...
Cosmopolitan transfer touches the fringes.
Vic at 125th of a second.


TheMutt said...

Nice photos! The Chili Man will be pleased that you captured him "hard at work."

Billy Fehr said...