Thursday, June 17, 2010

Part I 'Kinetic Interlude'

The last few hours in the previous darkness seemed to go by fast, leaving me with only vague memories of the actual physical events that happened during that time space. As we were spinning towards the first glimpses of sun on Day 5 I found my camera and handed it to my desert buddy to document me and where I was at that point in time. The oil smoke had shifted and allowed a bit of light to come through illuminating our location, the ubiquitous objective.
Sitting in that e-tool scratched out hole in the sand with the busy Marines of Golf Co. over my right shoulder I am facing not only the camera but the western wall of the Agricultural Ministry a hundred meters behind the photographer. In a straight line to my direct left or north is that east/west highway some fifty meters distant and void of any traffic at all. There were a few burned out vehicles littering the sides of the highway directly in front of us. Way off to west I could make out the famous north west highway intersecting with the one right in front of us. The only sounds that I heard were the post battle noises being made by the guys who had just walked through what they had never seen before. Weapons were being broken apart, cleaned, lubed, put back together and function checked. Small amounts of food that came in the form of a business contract were consumed with what water we had in our canteens. Marines were moving around at will talking to each other about what they had just seen and guessing at what possibilities lay in front of us. There was some scuttlebutt going around that we should be prepared to move at any time but for the remainder of this day we would stay right here in this incredibly exposed position and protect this spot from the invisible entity that had held it for the previous six months.

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