Monday, August 9, 2010

At least Nothing is Chaotic Yet

Stand back bitches, I've got some force and I think I know how to use it.
On Friday at around 1005hrs I rolled into the square and saw this scene unfolding in front of the Bank of America Corporate Center. Allegedly, the 15 year old in custody had shoulder checked the victim(Caucasian in light colored shirt all the way right clutching his smart phone), grabbed the fellow's intellectual tele-phonic device and took off at a sprint. There were CMPD Officers in the immediate vicinity who stepped forward and apprehended the suspect.
My sources on the ground tell me that this juvie was charged with Strong Arm Robbery and then he was sent even further down town to talk with some detectives who will help determine if any more charges are needed.
My quiet Saturday evening was interupted by the chopping sound of four blades on the CMPD Helicopter(hell I copped her) making low passes over Dooleyville.
This bird, designed to help uphold the law made a half dozen circles around in the sky just above the trees before I ran in to get the camera, drop the 55mm, fasten on the 200mm, run/hobble back out and make the picture.
The eyes in the sky were present long enough to make me realize that whatever they were supporting on the ground was really happening. I wanted to know what that event was, so I went to my own side bar to find the 911 call that would have initiated such a response and I was surprised to see that the 911 call record site has been completely changed from its original format that I looked into just a couple of weeks ago. I had remembered reading about the changes to the CMPD's Web site missing key links over at the Cedar Posts but never really understood what was missing until I needed it the most. The previous 911 data was much more accessible on the site that they just took away. I was not able to find anything that could have helped me understand what was going on so close to the house. Late Edit: This morning while I was over at the ever informative Cedar's house to look for that CMPD site story I found info that pieces together a bit of what I was seeing in the air over the weekend. Notice Cedar reports that 150 rounds were fired by the CMPD on the East Side in between Thursday and Sunday. Life is Good.
And finally, the ever present airborne support of a war strategy being fought on many fronts. On Friday night I saw no less than five C-130 transport planes headed out of the Jar for points east. When I heard the fifth one coming, I went for the camera that was relatively close by with the big lens on it. I took the image as fast as I could, but time, distance and manual metering and focus culminated to help me blow the shot. Did I mention that this was the fifth plane of war that had flown over my head that evening?


the original big ring said...

fugging coppers . . . .pfffft

Billy Fehr said...

Good One...OBR.

Billy Fehr said...

Speaking of Cops OBR,
Did you hit the linky I left for you in blue in the red that sends you to the story that our CMPD expended around about 150 rounds in what looks like 4 gun fights between Thursday and Sunday here in this fine shitty, I mean City?