Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Charlotte's Mayor Unveils Yet More Toon

Yesterday not all of the local media was at the courthouse covering the Demeatrius Montgomery trial. At midday the B team hit the square for a dog and pony show displaying Charlotte's latest support for the ever present progress of Toon. That's right folks, lets just keep on tooning up the toon as a domestic strategy for a Nation at War. All we have to do is not think or talk about it and everything is fine as long as a Marine is willing to kill and die for it. In trade for the toon it all makes sense.

I warn you now, the following images may disturb some of my more sensitive thinking viewers. Whatever you do, don't look away. Look at the sign board below: The World's Only Collection of Street Legal Bumper Cars. Wow, how great for the people...
The anticipation builds in the crowd to a fervor slightly more loud than a murmur.
The press corps braces itself for the building excitement as Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx arrives to give his personal approval for such an authentic toon project like Street Legal Bumper Cars.
Our Mayor leans back to let the Bumper Car Professional do his thing.
Here the Mayor is asking about the turning radius of these new vehicles while a Nut in costume looks on.
Authenticity is in the experience...
The Nut is covering his eyes as he whispers to the Mayor, "Sir, you should ask these Bumper Car specialists a question."
"And what would that question be?", the Mayor responded under his breath.
The Nut trying to desperately hold back his laughter said, "Ask them if the Street Legal Bumper Cars are authorized to make illegal turns on the Square." Mayor Foxx obviously did not think that joke was funny even though deep down he had to have laughed...
"Yes Sir, these things are able to make illegal turns on the Square but with your position power I am sure you can get any cop who was rookie enough to pull you over to let you go sans summons with a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge and that great smile you have. I mean, you are the Mayor and everything."
"Hey young man. Pull my finger."
"Pull it harder!"
"Isn't it funny I just suckered you and you took the bait like a fool", said the creep in the Nut Costume.
Progress Rolling.

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