Monday, August 30, 2010

Recent Photos

I do not have too much to say this morning. Instead I present to you these photos that I made from my secret location up high in the Duke Non-Renewable Energy Building on Friday afternoon. The images are not great by any means, but I do think that the view is unique and worth sharing. Later in the week I will share more from this spot that are a totally unrelated in subject matter but perhaps are even more interesting.

Yes, the Panthers are coming back this season as they have not yet been sold to New Orleans.
Bank of America owns this property and identifies that with its Corp Logo several times.
Directly facing the South End is Near...
Same turned to landscape.
A 105mm x the 1.6 or whatever peek into the Park on the Green.
One Wacky Fargo, formally One Wachovia.
Awesome, notice the brand new NASCAR HALL OF FAME and directly behind it the tall mirrored window NASCAR Tower attached. Well on Friday while I was making this picture the bank was announcing that the NASCAR Tower was about to be Foreclosed upon. Amazing, the chincy building radiating even more heat has not even been open a year. Fine progress indeed gentlemen, well done.
Westin, 550$ USD a night is fair trade for a room in the skinny building.
The 105 sees deep and
definite filtered by the haze.

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MM said...

Very tilt-shifty...I like!
Oh, and Zip is doing great with Kat.