Friday, August 6, 2010

Kat Adopts Dog/A Happy Ending B-Log Post

Two weeks ago Kim(married to this guy), asked her husband and I via email transfer to post up the story of foster dog Zip in Asheville who was in need of finding a permanent home. So, on a Friday evening special post I presented to you the story and accompanying photo of Zip.

Within a few days I was contacted by MM down in South Carolina who excitedly reported to me that his great friend Kat saw Zip and immediately fell in love. I sent the foster giver giver's contact info to Kat through Mark and the rest was history or better yet is the now. Kat followed the adoption protocol and picked up her new wonderful little friend this week.

As always, the way the B-Log perpetually and randomly brings happiness or transfer to some even though it is occasionally dismissed by others as immaterial inspires me to not give up on it quite yet. Opinionated conjecture matters not when all of it starts as an honest effort to share a thought, reality, feeling, taste, sound, emotion, reflection or other non-tangible conveyances. This B-log is not constricted to any defining parameters for which I am thankful.

Good work Mark for passing the link on to Kat and Kat I am very happy that you have taken Zip into your home as your new friend!

The pictures came in yesterday. Check out the face and speedy tail wag on this little dog whom appears to be smiling with her entire body now that she has found love and permanence in her life.

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