Friday, August 20, 2010

Court Day

Two days in a row now I am posting via my eye phone hand held transmitter. It is a quiet morning here in the uptoon with a low cloud ceiling hanging just above my head enveloping the tops of the few very tall big buildings. Light rail commuters hurry off the silver blue train for their labor destinations. Sitting on this wall I can feel the lack of heat compared to, oh I don't know, the rest of the summer days since May. There is a light breeze carrying a faint fragrance of something man made, like even parts oil, metal and carbon.

You may remember back in May, the day that the NRA was in town that I wound up detained by an officer holding the office of public officer when I responded to my junior courier's accident scene. I nee know how to create a hyper link from here so go to the May archive to refresh your memory and see those amazing images of me in cuffs by James W. from the CLT Blog. Today I stand prepared to defend my innocence in the county courthouse where I do roughly 75% of my normal courier business. I feel comfortable in that building and will prolly be recognized by at leat one deputy in the room who will no doubt want to know what I am doing there not working. "Superman cut down two trees is up in this courtroom", says the deputy with huge bowling ball arms about to rip out of his tan brown uniform. Be sure to check in Monday for the verdict and a story of justice.