Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slug Life-Hard Core

The other day I heard a short burst of a scream coming from out back near the brick house. Upon my arrival I saw Ms. Arcen regaining her bearing and looking face close at the wall slowly reaching out with her pointer to touch whatever was slugging along the brick surface. Yikes, not one, but two giant slugs living the slug life leaving behind a mucus wet trail of epithelial cells in their slug wakes. I bet you are imagining waking up one morning only to realize that the entire lower half of your body is covered with thousands of these slimy terrestrial gastropods undulating across your skin.

Look at the eyeballs on this fellow so far apart, this species must be related to the lobster?
They were not good subjects who could hold their pose long enough to get the exact scale we were looking at but hopefully you get the idea, these things were big, bigger than any I had ever seen.

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