Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Long Distance Touring Rider Rolls through The Jar

There is still plenty of information coming from my recent visit to Haiti which I will be posting as I see fit.  Getting back into the swing of things here in the fine Queen City has been a rather learning experience all over again.  The riding part, the daily commute and the spontaneous energy required to keep the schedule going and other extraneous clients' expectations exceeded all of a sudden seems interesting again.  I keep seeing these little nuances with eyes wide open that turn into strong tacit messages which line up with exactly how I am feeling and what I know that I need to do next.  It is as if the volume has been turned up on the synchro and all I can do is keep listening and following the guidance it gives me.  The rewards are unmeasurable with credits and debits, their form more dynamically filling than most comprehend in today's age of instant everything. 

Not planning, but following the plan that has already been laid out for me.  Sure, failure is an option when one takes such an energy based solution to that which has been over thought from the beginning and channelled to the end result of desire.  The latter means to an existence bores me and makes me think I will miss out on one of those little beautiful moments that can only happen when all barriers are dropped and I step towards it. There is nothing like individual human interaction at the ground level with a culture that is not toon.  Nothing in this world is worth owning when it can simply be accepted. 

On Friday during my midday schedule I rolled into this Parisian and his fully loaded rig at the corner of Tryon and 5th.  I immediately pulled along the curb to find out what this gent was up to.
Meet Lionel(that's right Lionel) Arnould from Paris France where they speak French.  Lionel left Montreal last month and is headed to South Florida and from there perhaps across the southern route to California.  This guy has been doing a lot of riding as of late, including an epic Paris to Shanghai ride which you can read about here(of course if you can read French, it doesn't mean you can actually comprehend it).

Good job and Good Luck on the rest of your Voyage Lionel. 

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