Friday, November 19, 2010

Picture(s) of the Week

Yesterday afternoon I spied an alliance forming between Wes, representing the Charlotte Homeless Union(CHU, like chew) and an ole time Veteran from the local Taxi Cab League. 
About ten minutes later, just after I had bagged my camera, I noticed a small Cessna 172 flying basically down(south) Church Street. It was roughly 700 feet above the deck.  I watched as the pilot banked a tipped wing left hand turn around the crown of the Bank of America's Corporate Center.  The plane appeared to be less than 200 feet from the building.   For about ten minutes I watched as the plane made three passes down Church, around the Corp Center, then up College out of sight before returning the loop back down Church. 

* Correction Department News:  In yesterday's post I wrote, Two others from the squad of vigilante UN soldiers walked over to check me out.  I realized last night that while typing the sentence above I had gotten happy handed and accidentally added an 'e' to the end of vigilant changing the word and meaning of what I was trying to describe.  Vigilant: 1. keenly watchful to detect danger; wary: a vigilant sentry 2. ever awake and alert; sleeplessly watchful

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