Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Major Developments in the Uptoon Courier Scene

Sways he just bought a trail her from the fine folks at Bicycle Sport on Selwyn.  Boy he loves it when I do that with words, so much so that he has even walked away before not to be seen again for hours, sometimes days.  Swazey, the Queen City messenger scholar and owner operator of VeloCity Bicycle Courier(s) rolled into the Uptoon Yesterday with his new Burley Trailer. Over the holiday weekend he had sent me a text with a photographic attachment of his latest cycling purchase. 

The question is, why did he make such a purchase?
a. To confuse senior members of the CMA.
b. He has nothing better to do with all of the cash he makes from servicing clients in 13 other regional Zip Codes.
c. His bag hurts his back and now he can place it in the trailer where it will get constantly pelted by the urban ick that falls to surface of the streets.
d. A contract is in the works with a potential new client that needs cargo delivered across the river two counties over.
e. All of the above.
Maybe he got tired of being randomly asked in the elevator, "Whatever happened to that messenger with the big calves who used to pull that little trailer behind his bike?"  Ultimately I guess time will tell and in the meantime we can only wonder and poke him with a stick. 

Swazey says:

"Why are you wanting to take pictures of me and my new trailer?"  "You are not going to make fun of me on your good for nothing Blog, are you?"  "Is my helmet on straight?"  "Do you like my Vans?"  "Can I get you some coffee?"  "Are you still mad at me for buying the very same gray summer weight wool Walz Cycling Cap that you were given as a gift two days after you received it?"  "Have you seen my beard comb?"  "Does my new trailer make you feel desirous?"

Swazey rides away without his bag on his back and instead it is tucked neatly under the strapping of the new trailer.  The Traffic Stop thinks that regardless of any preconceived die men shun all parameters that he should have bought a one wheeled BOB instead.  But as we all know, it does not matter what I think.  Ride on with your new trailer Swazey and keep the rubber side down!


burley_trailers said...

Nice Burley Flatbed trailer!

A good choice to go with a two-wheel trailer which balances its load on the trailer wheels rather than making you balance the weight on your bike. You'd really notice that difference in cornering and in standing up on the pedals. You'll also get better maneuverability around town with the shorter wheel-base of the Burley because the wheels are centered on the cargo area.

Check out the Burley Travoy if you are looking for an even smaller towing footprint at www.burley.com . Keep on rolling!

Doug said...

cool trailer Billy - before you know it, it will soon be the rage of all the cyclist! i wonder if Charlie would ride in one - but then, if he did, i'd need a quick release on his collar so he could chase squirrels!