Friday, November 12, 2010

Synchro Images from Haiti

"The power of synchronicity is infinite",  she said quietly in the dark room.  Her soft voice was close and far away at the same time, distance unmeasurable in a space so small.  I could feel the gravitational force pulling the two stone crystal chunk through my legs towards the center of the spinning earth.  Gravity and love are invisible, both can be counted on as constants in the physical realm in which we dwell.  The power of the line of gravity between the clear white purple crystal on my lap was a straight line almost 4,000miles long, there was nothing about the pull that was bending. Thoughts twist and spiral along with the unseen magnetic force reaching downward for the molten core creating a mental visual illusion of cause and effect.  With both hands I push the rock off my lap and it crashes onto the wooden floor with a loud thud shaking the boards and my chair.  The pull is gone, but if I ever need it again, I know how to get it back.

NC Center east of Petion Ville
Total, totally.
While at the UN HQ of the IOM at the PAP Airport, I first read this exclusive parking area was for me.  William Phillip Fehr.  More on this visit soon...
This fellow was selling cold ice cream treats out of his cooler.  The verbal call sounded crazy and unique.  When I turned to find the source, the first thing I saw was the emblem of Charlotte, the Queen City in red on the top of his shirt. 
Here is a shot of the book store at le Ecole du Saint Francois de Sales. 
There are 19 people running for president in this month's election in Haiti.  They are each representing separate parties.  Word on the street is that Wyclef Jean is out, but Charles-Henri Baker is in.
Gold's Gym in PAP.  One of the men outside selling soda told me that the owner was in jail near Miami serving a 15 year sentence for fraud. 
American rice bags filled with sand.  The writing is on the wall.
Daily UNI Transfers are everywhere in Haiti.
My personal favorite reoccurring message. 
I know you may have already seen this one, but it is classic.

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