Monday, November 8, 2010

PAP Towards Carrefour

For this shot I wish that I had brought the old 300mm.  Yes, just a picture.  No large amount of words or grammar errors in the first sentence which must cause you to feel a variety of emotions for me, especially if you actually know me.  If you don't, my lack of thorough rereads sure work well as a knee slapper, as well something that you pass to your friends so they can have a hoot at my ignorance and give me some unexpected embarrassment traffic.  Oh well, the numbers are back up and I am officially not selling anything other than the obvious.   
I think this image would have been much better had I selected to carry a fifth lens and the tripod from home.  Jeff's old manual 300mm with an F4.5 to F22 would have made this a more detailed shot.  New rule, do not travel where passports are required without the 4.7lb  lens and the tripod again.  If you look across PAP down low, then the water, you will see a portion of Carrefour.  There are no emission laws in Haiti.  While there I experienced an air quality worse, more diesel acidic burning than the worst summer day in Charlotte. 

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