Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On 10 Novemeber 1775

The United States Marine Corps came alive.  If my math is correct, the Corps was founded 235 years ago today after a few of General George Washington's former officers came to an agreement over beer in an upstairs room of the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  As the story goes, Captain Samuel Nicholas formed two battalions of Continental Marines on November 10, 1775.  Captain Nicholas intended for these battalions to be elite Naval Infantry, a capacity in the American Revolutionary Army that had not yet been seen or given consideration.  Other officers stepped up in support of this military concept and with a resolution that was written in the Tun, the Continental Marines were formed.  Captain Nicholas became the first Commandant of the Marines and the owner of the Tavern, Robert Mullan was commissioned as a Captain.  Their work started immediately and has been continuous every day since.  I have done my research and cannot find any period of time in U.S. History where we were truly at peace.

One of the founding fathers of the Continental Marines and the first Commandant of said Corps, Captain Samuel Nicholas.  Painter unidentified.

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