Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sorry for Everything

 Again, all over again it is Thanksgiving.  Sure, I'll go along for the forty first time like everything is fine and play the dice game that counts only when I realize it is just that, dice.  Truly Otter, you can come up with something, anything other than you don't give a shit, that your 2.84$ a gallon and everything connected to it is actually crushing those on the other end.  Cannot we at least talk about it without your anger taking control of not only you, but the air you breathe?  The collective, plus only you, the one who avoids and denies does not give one shit, that's the beauty of understanding.  My reproach is simply seeing the obvious, not an elitist perspective, merely the one of a person who feels.  How I talk to people?  Surely if you give your car a name, a human identity, one that you can actually formulate as a cause, you can simply dismiss any responsibility for caring in trade of your own comfort level.  Ha.  Merry Christmas everyone!

This post should not be taken lightly.  Humans lost their lives and are buried forever in the rubble of what your visual cortex is about to take in.  Once again, I cannot reiterate enough, the scale of the destruction that the earthquake in January created for Haitians is larger than I will ever be able to convey to you using this binary electronic code of nothing.  Then again, I am not working for anyone. It is not like anything else in history, the effects should not be compared to and or rationalized as within one's ego to determine a suitable response as something along the lines of, "Oh yeah, it's just like(fill in the blank)."   Riots?  Holgen says, "Every day here in Haiti is a riot."


Image 283

Underneath and over.
Consistent with recovery.
Many staircases led to the empty sky for clouds cannot hold weight, therefor they do not count. 
Cracks in the walls, lower PAP.
28 Avnu Delmas
Leave it alone, can we?
Another void staircase.

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