Friday, November 5, 2010

Photo Evidence: UFO Over Hill Near West Petion Ville, Haiti

*Late Edit: A curious observer asked me to post the exposure numbers of the UFO image. I was shooting an auto shutter speed on an F8 aperture priority with a selected ISO of 100. When I checked the data it read, ISO 100 1/300th of a second at F8.

The NPR and other North American 'news', not news agencies are reporting that there are thousands of people living in tent camps spread out over the Port Au Prince area.  Correction. While milling about inside the UN(IOM) HQ near the PAP Airport I was able to obtain first hand information transfer from a Uruguayan Commander that there are 1.3 million people(down from 1.6 million right after the quake) living in the tent camps that are under UN 'con troll'.  He also suggested that there are possibly another 800,000 to 1,000,000 people living in tents in camps that have sprung up around the region out of need that are not recognized by the UN.  In Haiti, nearly three times the population of Charlotte NC is homeless and has been since January.  The scale of desperation is great and now heavy rains from Hurricane Tomas are falling.  The folks up on the hill in structures will be okay, but I picture the lower port area from PAP proper to Carrefour and it will not be good.  Flimsy thin nylon tents and sun blasted tattered tarps on that low landscape will not be able to shelter the many as rain water flows down from the mountain.  Today I will be thinking about the human condition in Haiti, only 710 miles from Miami.

I made this picture while walking from a tent camp not on the UN's list towards the center of Petion Ville.
Often when I make an image in the spur of the moment I will shutter again within a second or two so that I can learn.  Here is the second image that I made of the same scene less than two seconds apart.  Notice the blurry object in the center of the sky. 
Upon closer inspection the dark object appears to have fins fore and aft.  To me it looks like it is traveling at a high rate of speed from right to left across the sky. 
*I have not added the object in the image above using any type of photo editing software or trickery.  The only thing I did do to the images in the digital tray was add a bit of contrast and sharpness to help with definition.  Capturing whatever it is was an accident and could only happen to me.


kbark said...

It kinda looks like the "Rod" phenomenon.

Billy Fehr said...

Nice work Bark.

Mark said...

I think it's a flying sausage