Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bike Friendly Multiple Choice Pop Quiz Thursday

Yesterday midday I spotted this bicycle being ridden multiple times up and down the 100 block of North Tryon.  Hundreds of successful young professionals were out and about enjoying a glimpse of the fair atmospheric condition.  Back and forth, forth and back.  Seeing, and being seen seeing.   
Question 1:  After riding up and down one block of the Charlotte Uptoon scene during lunch hour yesterday, why did Little Hat leave his bicycle locked perfectly parallel to Tryon in front of the Ivey's Building? 

A.) He knew that I have a Hipstamatic Camera App for my eyephone.
B.) The color scheme on the bike matched the Qdoba almost perfectly.
C.) This rider just scored a part-time job slicing tomatoes at Qdoba and he plans to use his front wheel as the tool for his newly acquired trade. 
D.) Little Hat (Cooch's nephew) has been tasked with an undercover operation designed to show how cool it is to lock to an actual bike rack instead of the benches or other random city property.
E.) All of the above.

Yesterday as well, I found this little two wheeled bute locked to one of the racks provided in front of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. 
 Question 2:  What reason(s) did this dedicated local cyclist give when I asked him about the functionality of the standard leaf rake attached to his bike?

A.) I had a rake, some electrical cord, and a small amount of duct tape, the rest is creation.
B.) For Halloween I was a male witch, brooms are for women.
C.) You've seen how much those SKS fenders retail for, this rake did not cost me anything and it works, sort of.
D.)  Someone tried to tell me that cardboard is two words.
E.)  All of the above.

For playing today I present to you, an IMAGE BONUS even though it is low eyephone quality:  Cryo-Fish me a river.  Recently Ms. Arcen was camping out in the country at her little friend's house.  While she was gone, one of her orange fish made the inner light transfer and wound up at the bottom of the tank completely dead.  I felt bad because a few years ago that little fella was actually birthed in the tank it now rested in.  So, in an effort to be sure that Mein Schatz could make closure with the death of her small scaly cold blooded friend, I took the body from the tank and placed it in a small glass of tank water.  Then I placed the glass in the freezer and by the next morning wallah, I could show her the body and she could keep it as long as she wanted.  This spring we plan to set the fish cube out on the stone wall to give the cats something to figure out. 


Unknown said...

Ill have to say:
1) E
2) C
2b) Couldnt find a broom and wanted to be a witch and thought a rake would suffice

Billy Fehr said...

You got a 100, Great Job!

Unknown said...

haha, bill i saw the same dude riding and giving me the stink eye. hope he got where he was going.