Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Innovator of the Month

As you can imagine, this job offers an extraordinary and mobile look at the culture of a modern city in America.  The other day, whilst sitting on one of the large comfy chairs made of a former cow's hide in the lobby of THE Bank of America's Corporate Center not eating or drinking, I spied this approaching citizen pulling a plastic bag over their head.  By design, this one plastic Harris Teeter shopping bag winds up in the landfill, then it is carried by a strong westerly breeze and upper air currents all the way to the coastal waters near the shore. There, a confused turtle thinking that the translucent entity floating in front it is a delicious jellyfish tries to swallow the bag. Alone, with no one there to witness, the once happy turtle chokes and dies.  In the meantime, shopping is convenient and easily thrown away by the million daily.  And, as an added bonus, in a pinch without the thought of consequence, the throw away becomes active protection for those worried about the condition of their hair.
Upon closer inspection it turns out that the Traffic Stop's Innovator of the Month is a guy.  His hair must be better than mine. 

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