Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Laptop Round Up for the Real Report, PLUS, well, I am not sure but it is related to more Urban Wild Kingdom

This morning, the regularly smiling Luiguuy met me in the same turnabout that he did just a week and a half ago
The drop off and pick up today totaled one old Compaq that needed a bit of a boost as well as 100 In God We Trust Units.  Shannon A. Warded this project her machine and her friend not to mention all around AWESOME(like the strap) guy King Jimmy threw in the Benjamin note.  Both of the drops to Luiguuy theoretically equal, three functioning laptops, one desktop hard drive and 100 US Dollars to go towards the operating expense of such a transfer.  There is a man leaving this Friday from Miami that will carry the hardware to Pastor Lyonel in PAP.  From there, the Pastor will take the machines out to Barbancourt.

Recently I have been in contact with a local organization notably called,  Hackerspace.  One of their ambassadors, a fine bike riding fellow has agreed to help with the ongoing project and may have access to a pallet load of laptops for donation.   You may be hearing and seeing a lot more of this group from the Queen City.  When the aliens finally attack and the internet goes down, my contact has assured me that he will create a network that will have allow me access to the Traffic Stop.  Luiguuy himself, and perhaps myself as well will be heading to Haiti at the end of March.  It would be nice to have luggage full of some more laptops that will help provide a primary school with a computer education lab that presently is just forming.  So, send me a laptop and I will hook you up with some lint from Dicky's dryer, free of charge. 

As for the Wild Kingdom Part, I lost the image I made of the evidence which means you were NEVER supposed to see it.  But trust me, it was bad.  Normally I would go into a way too descriptive detail about what I saw, not this evening.

Ms. Arcen was baby sitting a few small Spanish speaking children in the bright sunlight of our back yard the day before yesterday.  All of a sudden she called for me and asked for my help in getting the young'uns away from the round metal table that they were about to have a snack on.  The completely oblivious wee ones wanted to know what was going on, while I watched my kid remain calm and tell them, "Trust me, you don't wanna know."

They had not seen what Mein Schatz had seen.  When I arrived, just as my brave child had relocated the picnic of nuts, water and grapes to the barn,  I saw something very disturbing.  It was a sun cooked pile of our cat Yancey's vomit upchuck.  She is fat in the winter, skinny in the summer and yes, she is named after Yancey Ridge, the first place I went riding in the mountains a long time ago.  In the top left of the medium solar radiation cooked mucous accumulation was a mouse's head, almost perfectly intact.  The head was bodiless, only entrails and a small amount of brown stuff connected the front bit to the hind quarters, which were almost perfectly intact like the head and face whiskers.  Honestly, I almost puked.  However there was no emotional sadness transfer because the creature had been dead for hours inside the cat's gut.  Long dead for sure.  Sorry I lost the image that I had created for your viewing pleasure.

The cat has been reprimanded, but for certain she shall kill again on the morrow.

Speaking of Yancey, the killer of creatures smaller than she is...bitch ass cat.


charlotteinmalang said...

Great post, Bill - loved the picture of your cat (she looks a little like my torti cat, Phoebe - also a swift huntress!)

Billy Fehr said...


Huntress is a great word!