Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big City Critical Mass

I shot these images Friday 29May 2 thousand and mine on the Plaza just around the corner from the Cool and Cool. Everyone in the Southeast who loves to ride knows without getting the memo that the last Friday of the month the CM(Critical Mass) meets up at the CM(Common Market) at around about 1900hrs. No leaders needed, this entity is a plain following event that draws attention to cyclists and their well deserved last Friday of the month 2 hour spot in the road. When I saw them coming I ran out with the camera hoping to capture the power and essence of the force that these riders possessed rolling together in unison.
They were so fast that all I could do was see their backs.

The May Charlotte Critical Mass was a huge success.


Jordy said...

it looks like Tehran. . . dammmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Cool, I was there!