Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mini Photo Essay: White Scaries

Now that Boots is back to the north Toon and has settled in his new job at Bicycle Sport we get to see him way more often than when he lived in Denver Colorado. Boots' daily long commute to the shop takes him right through the downtoon Jar and he usually stops by for a political discussion or to share with us his white lower half scaries. The view from behind is Super White. Notice the Rookie Chain Ring Scar on his right calf. Usually when a rookie gets the mark it is black nasty lube that paints the flesh and the rookie can simply wipe it clean later when he puts on his tight jeans. In Boots' case that is a 2 week old scab in the print/shape of the chain ring because the bike hit him really hard while he was trying to not fall over and touch the floor. Had he been in the big chain ring the incident may not have wounded him.
Boots down at LoLo giving us Ultra White Scary Frontal.
Finally the full white scary eagle spread like the talons of a Nation that we love and thank the French People for dying for.
Thanks a bunch for modeling your whiteness Boots, my readers surely appreciate your efforts.


Unibiker said...

Man Camel Toe
Rated PG-13
Not Pretty

springer said...

I think I just lost my appetite for breakfast.

Boots said...

mmmmmmmmm...i love my "MAMEL-TOE"!!! and Springer...Ill eat your breakfast...no problem!

Bill, thanks for trying your best to make me look as acceptable as I can in those things!

I am taking donations for "buy new bibs" fund!

Courtney Thompson said...

life is good...