Friday, June 19, 2009

Peculiar Road Kill

Two male Cardinals take the Meriwether Lewis way in(without two pistols).

Friday morning, the day after a dark vertical cloud collided with a wide horizontal one over the Jar on my way out and all I have for you is two dead birds in Dooleyville. I see it all the time just like you do. Maybe some of you see it on the ground face to face while you are riding your bike or perhaps you see it from behind the relative safety of your auto's wind screen. Either way it is there all the time and everywhere. In this case as I was rolling by I was struck by the sight of not one but two of the same species dead 2 feet apart.


Boots said...

like i said earlier this week...or was it really have nothing better to blog about do you!!! hahhaa

Billy Fehr said...

This 2 dead bird post is way more interesting than your lamentation back slash rant on what the system or institutional someone else owes you....hahhaha

wv: under
like under my rear wheel

KingJimmy said...

Bill, when are you going to make the Road Kill picture book and make a million dollars selling it at local gun show's and bass pro shops?