Monday, June 8, 2009

Double Date-Mountain Ride

Yesterday morning I was on the early train to the bridge below the dirt mounds at the bottom of 181 with Dicky where we were to meet Becky and Dejay. So, if you really look at this picture what you are seeing from right to left is Rebecca Tomaszewski(2008 24hr Duo National Champion, 2008 National Collegiate Cross Country Champion, winner of many other races and friend o'mine), Dejay Birtch(2005 24hr Single Speed Solo World Champion, 2008 24hr Duo National Champion, winner of many other races in singley fashion and a very fun fellow to ride with as I have experienced in Pennsylvania, Sweden, California and now North Carolina), Dicky Dillen(2006 24hr Single Speed Solo World Champion, Inventor of Bad Idea Racing, crusher of the masses, friend of mine and all around great guy), and me(sucking in my gut as to appear like I belong in this picture). Seriously, how am I on this ride? Fresh and Inevitable, that was the theme for Yesterday's ride starting the night before when I thought to myself, 'We should ride something entirely different from the place we normally leave the car and always do something we had already done.' So lets park at the bridge below the mounds then ride up FR196 to Sink Hole Saddle, then left onto FR197 to Raider's Camp, to Mortimer on Fire Road, left to Edgemont, left onto Roseboro Rd, up over pass and descend to start of Yancey Ridge, Yancey long version to Roseboro Rd, back to Mortimer then up to Sinkhole Saddle in 6 hours and then fast Fire Road descent back to the car for a swim. While Becky and Dicky discuss the present state of the global economy and its affect on the poor people around the world living on less than 2 dollars a day, Dejay naps.
On down into Raiders Dejay's quick reflexes stop him from running over this long black snake.
Dejay showing off his desert skills by handling the viper and moving it safely off the trail.
Becky Crossing the lower creek on Raider's Camp.
While Dicky eats(I have seen him do it, he really does) Dejay is trying to make is wobbly wheel true.
This is what he was eating, a delicious tasty rice cake treat made by Becky for the ride.
Fun in Motion.
The floral fauna of the mountains surrounded us in various shades of color. Here is the red, there were pinks, purples, yellows and greens as well.
Come on, a Thunder Bird LX on Yancey Ridge? That looks more out of place on this ride than I do.
Team Dicky tampering with a crime scene, I sure hope his sponsor does not see this.
Becky in one of the cuts on lower Yancey showing off her new invisible cranks that NASA gave her.
Sweet Scary line into the same cut Becky is in above.
Did you guys see that??
This was a great day of transfer for me in the Mountains. Yancey is a fun ride to do and considering where we started from made it all that much more interesting and emotional. I remember a long time ago when I used to drive up to the Yancey trail head and think that I was going on a long ride just by looping it around. Yesterday made me realize how long ago that actually was. Thank you guys for being there and allowing me to follow your dust trails.

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