Thursday, June 18, 2009

Attack of the 26" Wheel in the Jar

The other day in the Uptoon Arena of the Jar I received a call giving me notice that a large pack of 26" wheeled riders was headed north on Tryon for the square. Perfect. I grabbed my camera and positioned myself in the gutter when I looked up and saw this group of Bike Police in training legally stopped at the light. Apparently no one has looped the cops in on the advantages of a 29" wheel. On the other hand they make up for that disadvantage by rolling with a badge, gun, taser and bullet proof vest. Once the 2 in the front realised what I was up to they began yelling over their shoulders to the police peloton behind them, "Photographer, Photographer, Photographer!" Thanks to the intel I received jut a minute earlier I gave these officers of the law an unexpected transfer.
Protect and Serve never had such meaning. With my camera rolling they were protecting their egos and serving their souls with as much speed as their 26" wheels would allow. Cover down and align recruits, cover down!!
On of the strangest things I noticed as this group of Police Officers in BT(Bike Training) rolled by was that about every 4th one had something to say to me. I heard commentary like, "Hey, get out of the road!", "Photographer, sit up straight!", "Is he with the police department?" and "Get out of the road!" at least one more time. In my defense sir I was within 18 inches of the gutter in the right hand lane of north bound Tryon. Just across Trade the big white produce truck was illegally parked forcing car viper traffic into the left hand lane going north leaving me in a safe place threatening no one.
The city had a little extra budget left this year since they did not have to invest in a fleet of new 29'er cop bikes so they decided to spend that money on blowing the uptoon bike racks, what lucky racks indeed. We all know how important it is to keep a cleanly appearance around all bicycle improved areas. Charlotte is Bike Friendly, you got that right!


cornfed said...

Yay! It's like 26" wheel week at Billy's house!!!

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Billy Fehr said...

cornfed said...
yay, 26" wheels!!

June 16, 2009 5:19 AM

Yo Thad
I had not even paid attention to Cho's little wheel Continental Transfer until you brought it to my attention. Then the Lincolntoon story seemed to fall in line with the theme as did all those cops today. No offense at all meant, you are fast and plenty strong right where you are, on 26 of course. The kid likes seeing the horse photos you run.

cornfed said...

26 wheel lover and admirer of the equine spirit? You, sir, have an amazing kid.