Monday, June 22, 2009

09 Cowbell From Inside the Peloton

On Saturday morning I left Dooleyville on the white Lemond at around about 0745hrs bound for downtown Davidson NC with some water and a hand written 30mile google/map cue sheet in my jersey pocket. I arrived an hour and 38 minutes later to a large crowd of mountain bikers gathering, some I knew and some I had not seen before. Dicky was warming up, Becky had to pee after riding to the start with the gypsy train, Dejay high fived, I met Tim D. for the first time, then met Rob for the first time since SSWC08 and Harlan Price asked if I had any extra Tifosi sun glasses, so I gave him mine. Harlan said that he was sponsored by Tifosi but somehow he had forgotten his and squinting in the sun while trying to win can cause the brain to work more than it has to. I rode with Harlan once before on the Blue Ridge Parkway for about a quarter mile a few years ago when I went ahead of the ORAMM start. I remember telling him that he was the first person through and he genuinely smiled as he pulled away.

After the 1000hrs start I followed after the 3rd group went through on my road bike which gave an interesting perspective of the 6 mile road/green way section into the venue. After almost blowing my self up and pushing what felt like a half teaspoon of salt out of my body I caught up to the SS pack of Dicky, SSlOhio and another fellow who were flying. All three of their cadences appeared as fast as a sewing machine with the accelerator pegged. I heard the funny talk between them that sounded only like what could be inside the heads of dedicated Single Speed Family.

When the green way ended and the trail started with a KOM rise up towards the venue I stopped, breathed and yelled, "Hop, Hop, Hop, Hop, Hop...." for a bit. I stayed up at the pit area and walked a bit of the course until Harlan and my sunglasses won the race, then I headed out on the 29mile transfer back to Dooleyville. It was a hot day there and those folks that went through with their commitment to race the race should be admired for their tolerance of pain, my hat is off to you gentleman and ladies.

Now the visual smart ass commentary.

The first 10 miles or so out were urban ick but the last around about 20 into Davidson looked like this and smelled like the woods as opposed to the spoiled milk burnt copper bile of the city.
Tifosi, your product in the start line went all the way to the win.
Moots, your product in the start line went all the way to the podium as well.
Becky on the start line contemplates being on the French Riviera sitting on the beach and drinking beer.
What you guys don't know 30 seconds before the start over the hill you are facing is that a little white Volvo unknowingly tried to turn right off a side street straight for you all. Thanks to Taylor's quick thinking and big white pick up truck a disaster was avoided. Great Job Taylor!!
Eye Contact with Tim D. and Dejay who were riding in the newest mountain bike category, 'Crazy Open'
Dicky descending like his life depended on it.
Don't let Rob's dapper appearance or that he later quit fool you. I watched this guy work SS on the 6 mile road start and he was fast, real fast.
Dicky leading a little fast SS train.
It is good to see SS'ers working together in the morning.
Skiddaladophy in fine form.
It was so hot that a part inside Tim's left melted, failed and gave him the perfect excuse to chillax.
Rich laughing by the broken fork very thankful that his has no moving parts.
Red Flower, loaded with Power!!
Matt is looking for information on how to kill someone using his new XT Wheel.
Clint takes the time to explain to Matt how once you undo the cones you can stab the person in the neck with the axle and then step over them as they bleed out on the ground.
Dejay chasing Dicky at this point through a meadow looking to throw yet another water bottle at the blue target.
Dejay Birtch, the SS winner pleads insanity. Oh wait, he was in the new Crazy Open class so maybe he simply pleads Singley.
Chain Puzzle?
Whenever I said, "Meeeeeow" to Vanderkitten Sandra Tomlinson,
she would run away as fast as possible. Wait Sandra, I read the Hawley Blog and he reads mine!!
Dude, you are dying and
Harlan Price's body without head wearing his Tifosi eye wear.
Becky and Harlan leaving dead guy behind as crankless rider mopes towards them.
My glasses transfer back to my face as I start my ride out of Davidson back towards Dooleyville. I thought about what Harlan's retinas saw through the same lenses that were now back on my face. I left the mud spots on the glasses the entire ride back, it was a strange crack out indeed. If you look in the reflection you will see gun 1 and 2.

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