Monday, June 1, 2009

Text Book Left Hand Turn

My friend Rachel Van Slyke rolled into town Thursday afternoon, her bike was loaded with the tools of her musical trade. She had left Pickens South Carolina 2 days earlier on an arcing southerly route into the Jar. RVS was in town for a Friday morning interview with Mike Collins on Charlotte Talks(click and listen here) and as well she had 2 performances at Femme Fest in NODA-'No duh' for you out of townees(cool name for art district at North Davidson Street & 36th St). After doing a homeward bound Stay Alive with me Thursday Raytch set up her camp in the way back. The next morning she packed up and pulled an inbound Stay Alive to the Uptoon for her studio interview at Spirit Square. She camped back in Dooleyville that night and on Saturday we did a round about ride from here, south and east to Ultimate of Mathews where Matt wrapped her a new bright cockpit. From there her and I traversed the McAlpine Greenway to Boyce Rd. Park through the woods. At that point we came west around a bit and headed in on a northerly approach into the Jar, then further north to the area where her performances were. It was a fine stage of the Tour de Jar indeed. I met up with her in the South End is near yesterday morning at the Cool and Cool. We had some coffee and planned her route home to Pickens via a different approach than the one she came in on.

Before she left she asked if I would be willing to document how well she can make a 90 degree left hand turn. Change in Life can be compared to a turn in the road, if you steer through the bend you will come out of the turn straight. However if you do not turn the wheel you will miss it, crash through the guard rails and explode in flames off the side of the mountain.

90 Degree Left Hand Turn 6 Step Document

1. Get on Your Bike.
2. Pedal towards the turn you are wanting to make.
3. Hold straight line until you can feel the turn ahead.
4. As you approach the designated turn spot steer your bike slightly opposite of the direction of the turn to line yourself up.
5. Aim for the right edge of an awkwardly placed sign that you plan to go around.
6. Make hard cut left in the direction of your turn around that sign and continue in the direction of your travel. How long did the sleeves last Raytch?
It was good to see you again Rachel, I hope your return ride to Pickens is thus far a good one.
Thank you for taking the time to show us the 6 step plan to making a safe left hand turn.


Ginger said...

I saw Rachel traveling down Franklin Blvd. this weekend in Gastonia. I immediately recognized her from the pictures and stories from your blog!

Billy Fehr said...

No way. Of course you woulda seen Raytch rolling thru the gashouse, thanks for paying attention!

rachelvanslyke said...

Bill, I actually kept on the sleeves all that day and the next! good protection from the hot HOT sun those hours, until I was 16miles from home and got in a waterfall : ) Thanks for sharing these pics!