Friday, June 12, 2009

PSA-Dogs Need Home Plus Boots is Back

Meet Osanna(asleep) and her sistire, that's right sistire Omega. Black Lab Mixes. Within a few days of being here in Dooleyville Osanna became sick. 24 hours after noticing the sickness in her I carried her to the emergency Vet where she was diagnosed with Parvo which is a virus that attacks the digestive system of non vaccinated dogs. Babies between vaccinations are very susceptible. The HSC approved the necessary funds to have little Osanna admitted and cured. Her sistire Omega started showing sick 4 days later and she was admitted into the hospital for treatment and recovery as well. After 6 days of treatment Osanna recovered brilliantly and came back here for an additional week of foster care. This past Saturday before our McMullen ride Ms. Arcen and I returned her to the fine folks at the HSC where she waits to be adopted with her sistire Omega whose health recovered as well. If anyone you know can help with the permanent adoption of one or both of these babies please contact the HSC.

In the meantime watch this entertaining minute long clip of Osanna packing it up with Zoo Zoo the Crayon Eater. If you look closely you can see Osanna's shaved arms where the IVs went in. She is obviously healthy and happy all over again.

Late Edit: BOOTS is back and in fine form indeed.

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