Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Friday and You Ain't got a Job

Photo Taken by Boots, all 3 edited by me. So instead take the 5 minutes and change necessary to watch the Bike Related film below that Boom Boom sent me via the email connection transfer over night. This film is on the verge of being cool but more importantly it is quite entertaining from the perspective of the actual alternative means for getting home on your bike. These fools take to the Highway and I am not sure that I have ever seen the like, maybe you have or maybe not.


Boots who cannot be linked with the blue hyper text anymore because he puts out no blog effort stopped by the Uptoon the other morning. Boots as you may or may not know is an ex-perpetual messenger who likes being around the Jar's messenger scene which only consists of Dicky, Josh, Dude, a couple rookies stacked liked cookies and me. Boots and I rolled early down to the front door to observe the environmental services provided by the city in the form of those crazy looking etched Cedar trees. The trees form a tunnel of evergreen permanence smack dab on the edge of the immediate uptoon area. When ever you are up by the big buildings again with your bike or feet make sure you go through this pathway and experience what these cone bearing trees have to offer.


Courtney Thompson said...

the kids on roller blades are on it...
15-20 miles an hour eh?

Anonymous said...

Here's the original freeway signer,