Friday, November 6, 2009

Charlotte Cyclocross Top Secret INTEL Report

Blow Back and Consequences. The basic principle of science is: 'for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'.


A few little birdies have recently reminded me that there is a cyclocross race at Veteran's Park in Charlotte this weekend. Unfortunately I have a prior commitment to heckle participants in a different kind of fun club down on the coast in Wilmingtoon NC. The Beach to Battleship Iron Man Triathlon. A few months ago a friend who had travelled with me on my first trip to the 3rd tallest mountain(El Pico de Orizaba) in North America called me to ask if I would be willing to take some pictures of his iron effort. Seeing that he and I had already been above 18,000ft in a snow storm on a a sloped glacier(de Jampa) together I figured sure, why not. So, after work toonday I will be headed down to get some sleep before the 0400hr wake up call near the ocean.

In the meantime some key folks in the 'industry' have asked for an Intel report from the venue. Apparently they are trying to get their heads wrapped around the layout of the park so that they can set up their pop tent in a nice spot. The selection of this spot is pivotal because it will provide the team with good public exposure plus allow clandestine cover for the 'Team' racers to sit around drinking beer and telling stories all the while looking pro to the crowd of public main stream masses.

Top Secret Information:

The Entrance into the Venue.
Across the street from the entrance is this fine establishment. Wait, maybe this is a scary place.
A mile away is the Common Market, aka the original Rue de Grit. Here you will find tasty beer and the best deli in the Jar. Plus I have been told that the market has the feel of similar places in Brooklyn NYC. Yo, yo...Brooklyn. Stay away from the miracle eyes of Jesus.
At least one US Army full metal jacket will be close to you at all times. Be careful and do not get too close to the wire.
A field for cyclocrossing.
Pan right and you will see what appears to be part of the course or not.
There are tennis courts there but those are for tennis only!
If you get bored there is a playground.
Looks like a good avenue of approach
or wait, maybe the course goes this way.
A colorful pastoral setting with plenty of sloping landscape.
Sand pit of death #1 and Sand pit of death #2 in the background. Energy sappers, get ready.
You will prolly have to go right up this steepness, have you been training?
Then you will bomb down this hill right before
you turn hard left and come back up this one.
There are plenty of steep hills for your thorough enjoyment at this park.
That wraps up this top secret lack of intelligence report from the sight of this weekend's cyclocross event. Have a great time and ride on!

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joshie said...

thanks for the intel, billy, looks like this is going to hurt! Fellow Hoff, Spankye is is in the area and he concurred. Said it would be difficult, but fun.

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