Thursday, November 26, 2009

On a Foggy Morn

a colorful Thanksforgiving ride was Born. 7 Mountain bikes, only 1 in cyclocross form. Nate rolls down from Asheville way, looking resplendent in red I do dare say.
Swazy looks on through the fog, as white hooped Zack manages the log. When Swazy tried 4 times, he nearly died, the good thing was he never cried.
Boots' second run on the wooden coaster made for fun. On his very first try he fell with a loud thud thump to the ground from up high, cyclocross style almost causing him to die.
John Danger Evans handles the long ride stunt with a dedicated line.
The Unibiker literally Trials'ed up to the same log ride from the scattered berm logs, blop, blop, blop and up then he swung rear end over straight onto the log ride. The Unibiker has Mad Skillz, sorry I missed the photo.
Mad Skillz, zoomed in.
Nathan and Zack discuss the pros and cons of having black vs. while rims on their mountain bikes. In the conversation they discovered that the were in the same fraternity during their time at Appalachian State. I am not sure that either one of them was actually in a fraternity.
Thanksforgiving forested trail ride success as well as other family commitments met with a long walk and a smile. The bike ride stick includes in no particular order, especially performance: The Unibiker, John Danger Evens, Zack(Which I hope is spelled phonetically), Nathan, Who's this Joey, Boots, Swazy and me). This was all Swazy's idea but he had the right one, the Ron Surprenant approved annual get me out of the house on this Holiday for some time in the woods before going normal/traditional. The call went out and 8 of us total united en masse for a tour of the B-Ranch single track and then the B-loop around a fire road or two for the cyclocross rider to 'cool down'. There were some single speed folks as well and some geared who were formally single speed opening the door and stepping out of the, 'I go both ways' closet. It was densely foggy at the 0945hrs start giving the tree covered landscape trail a mountainous feel. The atmosphere sat low on top of us for the first bit but then the solar center of our galaxy did the trick and we were in the light for the back half. Around the course in fine fashion with some folks that I had never ridden with and some that I most definitely had.
The craziest thing that I witnessed was either Boots falling from the highest point of the first roller coaster stunt to the ground with his knee smash or when I saw Swazy cut the course, perhaps more than once. The UCI has been notified with an official complaint and will have a ruling tomorrow.

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