Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Urban Cross Ride-South End is Near

Yesterday I rolled out of the house at noon in search of this older colorfully dressed Mongolian lady in a huge black wool top hat. In passing I met her briefly last week and missed the chance to take her picture. I rode from the east around the southern flanks of the Jar and never found her but I did find a group of friends making good use of their time by riding around an urban cyclocross course in the South End not for from the Cool and Cool. The course was interesting with enough steep ups and downs to get the riders on and off their bikes a few times. I only recognized one of the competitors and one of the spectators other than myself.

Before the thing started there was a big air comp and red shirt won. Here comes Zac(I am guessing on the spelling) on lap 1 for the pass,
he made it clean with a whistle.
Keith the former ex messenger in fine form.
Him and purple shirt tie it up a bit but neither hit the floor.
Resplendent in the L'Orange Jaune.
Purple shirt just before his ride ending flat.
Lead rider on descent.
2nd place reaching deep.
Approaching the gap and over.
After leaving his flat tired machine and helmet purple shirt decided to run for it.
A positive effort indeed.
2nd place in fine form.
Text book gap jump.
About to remount.
The short steep is just ahead.
A Mootsless Team Dicky points out the line down the short steep that he wants to ride.

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