Friday, November 13, 2009

Husky Spoons Dane

We have no furnace but we do have over 5 cord(1 cord stacked=4' x 8' x 4') of wood that I cut, stacked and split earlier this spring and summer. It has been a bit chilly in the house without the gas burner so far this season with a record inside low earlier this week of 49F. There is a possibility that we will be without the unit until December 12 so there is at least one more indoor cold record ahead. In the mean time we will receive the BTUs provided by the efforts that have already warmed me multiple times before.

As it turns out Rocky the better than Great Dane really likes having a fire on chilly nights. This year old Germanic bred dog has never experienced the thick warmth that a wood fire provides. The other night while he was stretched out in front of the bone warming heat source Zoo Zoo the TWIT(Tiny Warrior in Training) walked into the room and assessed the situation. Zoo realized that Rock Star was basically laying directly in front of the fire where she wanted to be. So the witty little husky simply stepped over the larger hound and laid down over his mid section knowing that it would be warm, soft and cozy.
Rocky seemed not to care about the intrusion because they are friends and as a bonus the little white fuzz ball provided him with extra heat insulation. So, the friends spooned and enjoyed a toasty nap.