Monday, November 23, 2009

NodaVelo-No Duh Fool

Geoff(not Jeff!!)Nau, Like not now fool I am on the phone with your momma. Photo Cred: The newly gone and done come back They Call Him Boots dot Blog Spot dot Com. Yo, Yo, Yo-all couriers in the House say, "Yo."

It's all about R E S P E C T, find out what that means to me, give it to me. NodaVelo's own Geoff Nau, like Apocalypse Now, not later called me out in the blog-o-sphere the other day. Altho we have never formally hung out or ridden together we have passed by each other with I(eye) contact and the rolling reciprocating nod. Bike geek talk for, "I'm bad, you are too, wassup?" I think he was a messenger for a few days over a couple of weeks here in the Jar which is like 4 years according to the people person's interpretation of the Unibiker's scale for measuring time with street cred carrying jobs. So, this roughly 4 year former ex-QC messenger, slash fix geared riding fanatic said about his perceptions of me in his post, and I quote, "He seems like the kind of dude that walks softly yet carries a big stick." At first I thought he was talking about something else, however after slight and narrow cursory research I discovered that his art cannibalized Theodore Roosevelt's often mis-quoted, "Speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far." That confirms his earlier statement, "Although, Bill may not know me personally and likewise", because if he did he would have known that I am loud, real loud. I mean for such a short fellow I am dramatically loud often being hushed by those around me. Almost like damage deaf done from some loudness in the form of individual thermo dynamic entropy at the rate of 250 beats per minute going down range. Imagine 250 beats per minute in pedal cadence. That would be flying. On a long flat road with the wind pushing your back and in your face at the same time. Anyways those of us getting paid to ride in the Jar enjoy checking in with NodaVelo at least once a week to learn what is happening in our community, this site is the straight source for the real urban scene. You should too, this guy is my peeps. Like my boyz from Brooklyn, Connecticut(pop. 7,347) that is...

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