Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Muffin's Bad Hair

The other evening while we were out at Frank's farm we visited all of the horses at dusk. Everything seemed normal until we reached Muffin's corral and he turned around.

Ms. Arcen has made it very clear that she does not want me to post Muffin on my blog exploiting his Lord Farquaad'esque inspired coiffure. However I am late this morning and nothing else is quite ready so by default I bring you the bowl cut of Muffin. The anonymous horse barber came in from the outside and made the cuts on Muffin's fore lock and mane from his poll to his withers when no one was looking. The evidence shows that the scissor wielding perpetrator was a fan of Disney.
The reason Muffin seems so happy about his new 'style' is because he has yet to see himself in the mirror. Hopefully Muffin gets to see my B-log today, the truth may set him free.
Ms. Arcen whispers, "It's okay Muffin, I won't let him put you and your lovely new hair on his blog."
Unconditional love, seeing past the level line of a bowl where Muffin's fore lock used to be.

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