Thursday, November 19, 2009


What happens when it rains? Boy, I sure wouldn't wanna have your job today. Well Mister I would not want your job any day. No, it's not really that bad out there. I hate it for my bike and the parts it wears. The auto viper pilots act different in the rain and low visibility of fog. They are still in the same hurry with in the way back of their mind consideration for the change in surface conditions. That transfers to slower reactions at similar speeds. Foggy damp mornings. Constant urban ick watery black grit from the waist down. The bag is starting to smell funny. The atmosphere seems dense, the roll quiet or more absorbed by the low hanging gray molecules. I sought out a death certificate at the ROD yesterday, public record is an amazing discovery. Why would any one's death certificate be entered twice as was the only one I was looking for? Most all are just entered once. There is more. It is all connected, no way to ignore what I am standing next to. How do people do that unnatural and difficult act. Not a question but a statement.

All the decorations are coming out. The Big Balls and colored lights, reindeer joyfully hanging on the poles and huge over sized stars being bolted together by the guy with the light over his head in the Horry County Courthouse 3 years ago. Dude, Pass me the 5/8ths. The stars' points look like daggers above my headed that I have seen 10 straight years in a row.

I cannot contain it anymore, it is over the top. May I be the first to tell you all:


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