Monday, January 11, 2010

Awesome Strapped

The weekend was great, thanks for asking. Yesterday Ms. Arcen and I went on a regional adventure to climb one of the State's finest Manadnocks, however due to fun and games that story/images will not run until toonmorrow.

A challenge, this was like shooting rubber ducks in a barrel. Not too long ago I read about an Awesome photo contest over at Team Dicky's Golden Globe nominated Blog. The bad idea was to strap something to your bike with an Awesome Strap, take a photo, submit it to TD's Email HQ and hope you win some free shit. I do not necessarily need any free shit but I felt as confident as the Unibiker that my entry would be on the podium. My little Buddy sure knows how to keep us entertained, doesn't he?

I present to you: Awesome Strapped Urban
With the extra clip easily accessible on the back side.
Awesome Strapped Mountain
'An extra clip of 10 rounds for my .40 cal should be close by, thanks to the Awesome Strap it always is.' -Awesome testimonial Bill Fehr, Charlotte NC
That's all I gat, get it??


Doug said...

nice - it fits on both the work bike and the mtb!

sure hope things don't get to a point where we all need to strap one on just to go out for a ride though...

MM said...

I spy Lexington County mud on the Surly...

Billy Fehr said...

I think about that every day through this about to pop Americana Cultural Transfer...

Indeed, I cannot bring myself to clean it off in an effort to savor the memories of such a great the blue/green lump on my wrist from your hip helps remind me as well.