Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Mass?

Last night I watched the bright white slice of a crescent moon hang low in the dark western/northern sky parallel to the horizon. The pointy tips of the sun lit crescent were pointing up and almost perfectly cradling the rest of the visible moon. The slice of resplendent moon looked like a white passenger less canoe floating without motion in the dark night sky. The top half of the orb was shadowy but visible in an almost futuristic blueish gray hue. I realized at that moment that I was witnessing something that I had never seen before.
This is the dawning of the age of Toonquarious.

Scott Brown, Scott Brown, Scott Brown. Blah, blah, blah. The people have spoken, the votes have been tabulated and the toon decoy of the real politic continues forward today from its own beginning.
For the past week, only since around about when the earth shifted a few hundred miles from this fine nation in which we dwell I started hearing the concern of both the Bujahideen and the poor that Scott Brown, a republican was about to make their lives better or worse. Last night Scott Brown won the empty Senate seat vacated by the death of a Kennedy.
If you as a spiritual being actually consider the place in time you are standing, the result of yesterday's election in Massachusetts actually has no impact on your life. If you were counting on one way or the other, either way you should consider yourself let down by the democratic process. The outcome of Brown's victory really has no positive or negative directional pull on your life. You, me, all of us are watching from the side lines as if this were an 8 billion dollar a year NFL franchise grasp for more.
Take that step and admit that your passion centered around a senate vote in Massachusetts would have been better served 10 years ago by taking to the streets in protest of a stolen presidential election. That democratic loss has created more pain and suffering globally than your energy is worth lamenting or cheering Coakley's loss last night.

I am amazed once again how this country under a banner of nationalism and pride stemming from ego becomes so intertwined in the fabric of its own lie and decoys from the actual truth which they are standing right next to. Spirituality has nothing to do with what a governmental institution has for or takes away from you. I have a prediction that Scott Brown in the US Senate will help continue this collective culture in the same direction aided by the 'fears' left behind of the theory, 'What's in it for me'. Honestly though get off your celebratory horses or out of the emotional pit you are wallowing in and face the truth. None of it really has an affect on our existence on the planet, free yourself and let it go. As a nation that is the only chance we have but yet it still lurks in the darkness of our own core beings looking out from behind the curtains of what is ours.