Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rack Report

I was contacted recently by Pam the dedicated local bike commuter who told me that CABA has 100 brand new bike racks that they are wanting to install around the city. She asked me if I had any suggestions as to where these racks should be installed. One of my clients is in the One Wacky Fargo formally Wachovia building at 301 South College which has undergone an almost two year renovation of their grounds. For the last year and a half as I watched them work I was wondering if the new infrastructure that really did not change would include a bike rack for the building that never had one. A 13 million dollar project over budget and late for its original completion date allowed for 4 more yards and a first down but yielded no place to lock a bike so the free locking continued as it had for the past decade.

I sent Pam a note and recommended that there should be at least one rack in front of the One Wacky within 8ft of the sidewalk in a public right away for public use. She forwarded my recommendation to CABA's official Czar Martin 'Zim, Zim Zimmy' Zimmerman who asked me to take some images of the area that I was talking about so he would know where to place the rack.
Martin, always a stickler for digital data specified his request, " Maybe some kind of sequence shots that would move in on the subject."

The CMA in full non-official cooperation with CABA presents the following photo assignment that intends to calrify the CMA's first suggestion for a place to install a bike rack that presently does not have one.

The building, One Wacky Fargo at 301 South College Street in Charlotte NC. This building is permanently placed in its present location and has no plans to move across town so please do not ask me where it is again in the future. It is the one with the large green atrium on the roof that makes it appear as an Oz-like tower. The street light in this image is there to create a visual distraction from the subject.
It was around 1315hrs when I was making these pictures which I figure is an important piece of information needed to get a rack installed.
Presently and forever back from this is the free locking technique required to semi-secure my bike in front of the building.
I think the rack should go in between these two trees.
This reverse angle shows how perfect that this spot would be for easy access from the street.
This is the sequence shot moving in on the subject showing an exact spot in space and time that one bicycle rack should be installed. Notice the specific stone pavers and how well a rack would look right here.


spokejunky said...

Man, what is it with Marines and their belltowers anyway? ;)

Billy Fehr said...

I bet it's Something they put in our 'Bug Juice' in Bootcamp. I cannot remember being interested in belltowers before drinking the red fluid...